The Activities Section also holds significant importance when someone intends to get admission to Medical College. So, if you want to get admission, you need to stand out in the common activities section and prepare for the MCAT. However, MCAT will test you on practically everything you studied throughout your first years of undergraduate studies in a grueling seven and a half hours. It’s no surprise that most students are at a loss about beginning their MCAT study. On the other hand, the common activities section demonstrates your abilities apart from academics.

Medical School Admissions / MCAT

Importance of Activities Sections in Medical School Admissions

You may encounter various categories when applying to medical school, including essays, GPA, MCAT, and Common Activities Section. Non-academic activities are an essential element of the admissions process, and multiple questions are asked from the Common Activities Sections. This section indicates the number of activities you may participate in while attending college, aside from your grades, rankings, ACTs, etc. This section might assist you in gaining admission to a prestigious university.

What is MCAT?

The MCAT is a Multiple choice computer-based test that the American Association of Medical Colleges has established to permit Medical Colleges to evaluate candidate qualifications and preparation for medical school. The MCAT is mandatory for admission in most medical schools in the United States and certain medical schools in Canada. Several graduate institutions and healthcare professional programs also accept MCAT results in place of other standardized examinations.

MCAT has been divided into four parts;

  • Chemical and Physical Principles of Biological Systems
  • Genetic and Biochemical Principles of Biological Systems
  • Psychological, Social and Biological Behavioural Principles
  • Analytical and Reasoning Skills

During the first three sections, participants will be evaluated for their scientific understanding and ability to make sense of things. They will also be tested on their ability to think about things from different perspectives. This section consists of 59 questions that can be answered in 95 minutes. In the Analytical area, students won’t be evaluated on particular knowledge. Instead, they’ll be assessed on their learning to comprehend, recognize, and examine social science and humanities verses and their ability to write about them. This section comprised about 53 questions with a time limit of 90 minutes.

In this article, we have discussed that your MCAT score and common activities section holds equal importance while attempting to get admission to medical college. You can visit our website to learn more about our medical school admissions consulting services.