What is a Medical Fellowship?

A medical fellowship is a training program for medical students who have completed their residency. After completing the residency, they can continue their practice in a specific field, such as dentists, veterinarians etc. 

Who is Eligible To Apply For a Medical Fellowship Program? 

Being Selected for a medical fellowship program is no less than an honor! Yearly there are hundreds of candidates who want to get this opportunity and appear for a medical fellowship. Although, only a few among them got lucky and can avail this chance.  


Basically, a medical fellowship also refers to a specialist physician. They are ones who practise in a specific area of the medical field. Not every single one is lucky enough to become an expert physician. 

Duration of Medical Fellowship Program


After graduation and completing the residency program, you will be eligible to participate in the medical fellowship program. But typically, this medical fellowship is only offered to those who will be experts in their relevant medical field. 

Who Is a Fellowship Trained Doctor?

During this training period, the physician is also known as a fellow.  The medical fellowship training program is the process of becoming an expert physician. This fellowship training program is a practical experience.

Moreover, who have successfully completed their fellowship program after completing their graduation and residency, those physicians called medical fellowship trained.

Fellowship trained doctors, also known as licensed specialists in their sub-specialty with an extra training of one or more years. 

Fellowships consist of providing significant work experience to those who were the best and brightest in their residency and had remarkable performances in their relevant field. 

After completing their medical fellowship program then the physician or specialist is permitted to do their practice without direct supervision in the selected medical field. 

Understanding the importance of becoming a fellowship-trained doctor,  There are a lot of opportunities to consider, for example, expected salary and position requirements. 

Requirement of the Medical Fellowship Program 

The basic requirement of the medical fellowship program is the person who has completed a residency training program after graduating in the parent specialty.

Applicants should prepare themselves for application, including resume, transcript, letter of recommendation, and sample writing. Additional documents may be required of some candidates, and you must check your eligibility before applying. To learn more about our medical residency consulting services, please visit our website.