Client Testimonials

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We are proud of the reviews and testimonials that we earned from clients. Our admissions consultants have helped our clients get into College, Medical School, Business School (MBA), and Graduate School. We have also helped individuals applying for the prestigious Marshall and Rhodes Scholarships!

College Admissions Testimonials

I almost never write reviews, but Joe and his team did such a great job I felt compelled. I used SOS Admissions to help prep my daughter for her interview at her #1 school, USC. She had a Skype session and three face to face coaching sessions with Joe. Joe knew USC in and out, and did a great job reviewing relevant Q&A and how to deliver her responses with passion. My daughter is a bit nervous in this type of setting, and Joe and his team did a great job building her confidence and developing a structured approach for interview. By t he time of her interview she was ready. My daughter got into her #1 and I believe her interview was an extremely important part of her success. Joe and his team did a great job and have my unqualified recommendation!

Peter (College)

Just wanted to let you know that I got accepted into Stanford University! I’ll still be applying to some other schools, but thank you so much for all the help with the Stanford app!

Have a great day.

Daisy (College)

My heartfelt gratitude to you and your team! I can’t thank you enough for your help while preparing for the interview. I just received my letter of acceptance from Columbia! I obviously could not have done it without you. Thank you!
With gratitude,
Brian (College)
Thank you for assisting me to prepare for my college application essays.
I was able to get into the schools I wanted couldn’t have asked for more.
Joseph is a mentor indeed; He patiently listened to my ideas and horned them into implementable templates, portraying them in a professional manner.
I am happily recommending you to anyone who is going through the same college application process as I did.
Radha (College)

I would sing to so many ears, as many times as I can,” SOS Admissions is the place to beat”. I was desperately searching for a college coach because my twins were yet to start their college application and November was just around the corner. I went scouting. I came across SOS Admissions, placed a call through, and the rest is positive history!

Same day Joseph and I discussed challenges I had as relates to this, and thereafter a litter beamer of hope creped in, as all hope wasn’t lost after all, his positivity was infectious, and immediately an appointment was set up for my twins.

His rates were reasonable, affordable and for two weeks, he patiently worked with my twins, looking out for the minutest place they might have made a mistake, until the application process was finished.

His customer service was exceptional, he scheduled follow up calls to confirm that all necessary documents were submitted like teacher recommendations, sat/act scores, and transcripts

It was heartwarming and comforting to know that the outcome mattered to him as much as the prep process.

Joseph treated my twins like family and not just clients. He is very professional and he’ll tell you about what he can do,

It would have almost been an impossible task achieving this without Him.
My twins and I appreciate you and are thankful for all you have done for us.
We wish you and your team a Happy Thanksgiving.! Pray that the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ bless all of you!
Susane (College Admissions)

With SOS I learnt how to present myself more confidently during interviews.
Joseph was very helpful, He critiqued and corrected in a subtle and professional manner, this I am very grateful for.
Thanks to him, Irrespective of the colleges I get accepted to, I’m indifferent, because his priceless counsel and advice is enough to gear me towards a successful future.
I had a productive and exciting experience as his client.
Thanks again!!
Jannah (College Admissions)
The help was definitely needed, and the experience made me feel positive of a lot brighter future ahead. Thank you!
John (College Admissions)

Medical School and Residency Admissions Testimonials

I was thinking about who I wanted to give thanks for their help. I thought of you and thought to myself, I need to email or text Joseph today. I apologize I didn’t get back to you earlier, but the answer is YES!! I admit that I give you HUGE credit for getting accepted. You aided me so much with the entire process and I am so appreciative of your support. I will be starting this fall as a med student at Indiana U School of Medicine!!
Dan (Medical Student)
I wanted let you know I was accepted to Touro Med! Thanks so much for your support with interview preparation. It made me feel more confident and I was finally able to convey why I think I could make a good physician based on my accomplishments and activities. The interview in particular was group format so there were 5 candidates and 3 different interviewers. It was nerve wracking at the beginning. Still, with time, I became comfortable and was able to show confidence & answer each question clearly and concisely. Thanks so much!
Alya (Medical School)

I hope you’re having a great 2021. The match results came out last week, and I got my #1 rank–I’ll be off to ABC Program for 2 years of internal medicine training!

I wanted to thank you so much again for your time during that interview counseling session. It was really helpful hearing your thoughts about maintaining energy and passion and focusing on key points to hit throughout the interviews. I think especially maintaining enthusiasm went a long way during the interviews. There was also an interview where I didn’t satisfactorily answer a question, and I took your advice to  go back to ask them specifically if I could readdress it, and doing so definitely seemed to make a favorable impact.

I may be applying to fellowship in 15 months or so, and if so I’ll likely contact you again if you’re available. I hope you are well and thank you again!
A (Resident)

Hi Jo, I wanted to thank you again for your interview prep and lessons! I got into several programs including Yale’s MD-PhD program! I hope your season is going well.
J (Medical School)
I highly recommend SOS because they did an excellent job in prepping me for my med school interview.
Lisa (Medical School)
If you are applying to Med school, I will recommend you trust Joseph to help you prep for the interview. He offers great recommendations on the best ways to positively project yourself as a viable candidate.
Rather than just memorize answers to questions, Joseph’s prep method involves forming a cohesive vision of your personality, career goals and aspirations, this comes in helpful in cases where the questions asked during the interview aren’t straightforward.It was definitely worth the money and I would proudly recommend Joseph’s services to anyone applying to Med school without hesitation.Update: I got accepted to the medical school of my dreams; and I never could have done it without Joseph.
Charles (Medical School)
Without a second thought, I recommend SOS Admissions to prep for med school.
I met Joseph in 2014, September to be precise and at the time, I was preparing for my med school interviews. That was my first interview and I felt I could gain a lot by hiring a coach who would put me through the parts that presented the major challenges. He put me through the best technique to present my resume, answer difficult questions and present myself in the best possible manner.After my training with Joseph, I attended 7 different interviews. 4 accepted me, 2 put me on their wait-list and the last one rejected me, but it didn’t matter because I already had enough options to choose from. I even got scholarship at 3 different schools and I don’t think this would have happened if I didn’t Hire Joseph. I’m glad I made that investment. The attention he gave me was enough to build my confidence level and prepare me specifically for the main institution I really wanted to get into and I did
Thank you!
Anna (Medical School)

I’m not sure if you remember me, but I completed your interview prep session last December to prepare for an upcoming PA school interview. I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do because it totally worked! I’m actually starting PA school at &*&^D University in two weeks.

You’re awesome, and I really appreciate the services you offer. I felt completely comfortable during my interview, which is a miracle because I have pretty bad anxiety. I’m actually recommending your service to another PA school applicant.

Hope all is well and thanks again,

LK (Physician Assistant School)

My chances of being offered a seat in Med school looked very slim and bleak until I had the opportunity to work with Joseph. He painstakingly worked with me on the application process & interview skills, likely questions and just recently I have just been accepted into Med school! I am grateful to have worked with him.
Allan (Medical School)

Graduate School Admissions Testimonials

Joseph is amazing! He really is. We went through a lot of possible questions that I could be asked during my interview. Together, we established the best approach to take for those questions such that I would give answers in a manner that shows my strength and thought me how to lay emphasis on the things I consider to be my strong point. After just a session of 2 hours and after this session, I felt a lot more confident in my abilities
Update: The interview was great. I got my ream graduate program and I am so glad I met Joseph.
Jill (Graduate School)

SOS is awesome!!! I sought their services about a month ago while preparing for several of psychology doctorate graduate programs after I had read so much about their success story.

I met with Joseph, who offered quality advice from his wealth of experience on how best to display excitement during interviews and how I could use my body language to show how passionate I am about the topic in question.

We worked on providing suitable answers to common questions, being the first time for me, I had my nerves on the edge but his confidence rubbed off positively on me. I would definitely recommend this service. I got into all of the program I interviewed for.
Isabel (Doctoral Program in Psychology)

Hi Joseph. Just wanted to let you know Duke accepted me. I am really grateful
Kelsey (Graduate – Nursing)
I am a second year graduate student at UCLA. I just concluded my application to multiple study abroad fellowships such as the Marshall and Rhodes scholarship. With a clear understanding that the interview is an important part of the whole application process, I requested guidance from Joseph and I don’t regret doing so.
Joseph prepared me for likely questions, straightforward questions as well as the trick questions I may be asked. I was also taught how to express passion such that I would leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. With these trainings, I entered my interview full of confidence and I couldn’t have wanted the interview to get any better. The best part is; I have been applying the skills learnt from Joseph after the interview and they have been extremely helpful. I intend to keep using them, even as I form a career for myself.
If you are planning to apply for med schools, jobs etc and you need help prepping for the interview, you have come to the right place.
Alex (Marshall Scholarship and Rhodes Scholarship Programs)
I was just interviewed by LMU and 99% of what he coached me on showed up! Even with random questions they asked, I was confident & prepared enough to answer them. Recommending my friends for their graduate endeavors. Thanks
Christian (Doctor of Physical Therapy)

Masters of Business Administration Admissions Testimonials

I found the MBA application process to be too complicated and overwhelming; however, Joe from SOS Admissions helped me out. He helped me get clarity in my essays an helped me establish an effective approach to ensure I record better GMAT scores. He also helped me prepare for the interview and believe me, it was as if he knew the questions that I would be asked. It was so easy.
Jennifer (Masters of Business Administration)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The admissions consultants at SOS Admissions will assist you with all the stressful but important tasks that make the college and graduate school application process difficult. We offer professional advice on how to approach every step of the application process. We want to ensure that you get the final result you want—admission to the college or university of your choice. That’s why we handle all the important aspects of the application process for you, including interview preparation, essay writing, and application submission. When you purchase our complete application packages, we will manage all aspects of the application. In a nutshell, we will do everything but submit the application for you.
Our team is made up of seasoned admissions consultants who have held positions in the admission offices of top American colleges, universities, and graduate schools. Therefore, we can offer our application advice based on our many years of firsthand experience in the admission process. We will help you or your child create an application that highlights strengths and unique capabilities, maximizing the applicant’s chances of admission. We also help students find the perfect college, graduate school, business school, or medical school for their needs.

SOS Admissions has built its reputation by providing higher education consulting and working with applicants from across the USA and all over the world. We meet our clients over the phone, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, and Google Hangouts.

Yes, we can evaluate your chances of gaining admission to a specific college. However, we have to examine and evaluate your transcripts, resume, and test scores before reviewing your initial application. After a complimentary initial admission consultation, we will offer you our honest assessment.*
*Please note that no one can guarantee admission to any specific college or graduate program.

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SOS Admissions is a team of seasoned admissions consultants who have worked at many colleges and universities across the United States. Our admissions consultants understand the unique problems faced by international applicants to American colleges and graduate schools. With our diverse team, you are guaranteed to have an expert who has several years of experience dealing with cases similar to yours.
Our team works full time to set up appointments that fit your schedule so you don’t have to miss out on important meetings. Our appointment schedule is flexible to accommodate the needs of international applicants to American universities. However, please plan ahead because we become very busy near admissions deadlines.
Your consultant will offer you a customized college or graduate school application plan, detailed deadlines, and constant communication. We will ensure that you are fully aware of what needs to be done and when. We have received many testimonials informing us about how helpful our services have been for college and graduate school applicants. We have helped clients save time, reduce stress, and fit the entire process into their tight schedule.
Your initial consultation with our college and graduate school admissions experts is free. During this twenty-minute initial meeting, our admissions experts will make recommendations on the perfect approach for you based on your goals, professional experience, and educational background. If you continue with the process after this meeting, you will need to select a package.
The earlier you start, the better we can help you plan your entire application and the more likely you are to get admitted to the college or graduate school of your choice. With regards to college applications, SOS Admissions starts assisting students as early as the ninth grade to ensure there is no rush in the college application process. We also help clients starting in their senior year of high school. For graduate school, including business school and medical school, we suggest starting two years before your application, but we also help applicants starting just a few weeks before the application deadlines.
We do more than just editing essays. The truth is, most of the essay editors out there have never had the opportunity to sit on the admissions committee of any college or university. It shouldn’t be a surprise that most essay editors don’t have the insider knowledge of how to properly package the strengths of an applicant and maximize their chances of admission. We identify the strengths and weaknesses of our college and graduate school application clients and work hard to reduce their weaknesses and amplify their strengths. We will help you choose a compelling essay topic and write the essay, as well as assist in the creation of supplemental essays that place emphasis on the exact things that each institution looks out for in its applicants. We will also assist your reference writer in producing a letter of recommendation that is outstanding.

Certainly not! We understand that not everyone wants to go to an Ivy League university. We help applicants find the perfect college or university for their needs. We have helped students get into over six hundred American colleges and universities in the last ten years.

We have assisted applicants from eighty countries spread across the entire world gain admission into the top American college and universities. Past clients of our admissions consulting services include many high school students, college students, recent graduates seeking to go to graduate school, and experienced professionals returning to college or graduate school after years of working.
It’s never too early to start preparing for admission to a competitive college or graduate school. For college applications, SOS Admissions starts assisting students as early as the ninth grade to ensure there is no rush in the college application process. We also help clients starting in their senior year of high school. We have created an accelerated program especially for seniors applying to college. With regards to graduate school, we start helping students plan their medical school or professional school applications as early as freshman year of college. Of course, we can also help applicants applying shortly before the application deadline.
Those who purchase packages and then request refunds are billed the hourly rate for the services rendered and then refunded the balance (if any) of their package cost.